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Level Up Your Bot Dashboards: Bot Metrics Launches Rich Metrics

Originally posted on Medium

As bot makers, we know how important it is to use the rich interfaces that each platform provides to drive user engagement. Some bots ask users to send their location, others user photographs to capture information in a picture yet others are starting to use audio.

At Botmetrics, we aim to make your lives as bot makers as easy as possible by surfacing the most critical pieces of data about your bot rather an endless data dump.

With this in mind, we are very excited to release rich metrics for your bots on Botmetrics. If you’re already using Botmetrics you don’t need to do anything — You can now instantly answer questions like:

  • How many times did users upload images today?
  • How many video messages or audio messages did users upload?
  • If you bot relies on location you can instantly see how many users felt comfortable sharing that as well.

All these are now available when you login to your Botmetrics dashboard.

If you’re not already using Botmetrics, stop losing your bot users and start getting rich metrics for your Messenger, Slack and Kik bots for free. If you prefer to see a quick demo — feel free to reach out to us: