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Four New Powers: Meetup, Campaign Monitor, TravisCI & Currencies

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Nestor gets four new powers this week and we’re excited to get them in the hands of our users.

  • Meetup: With this power, you can search for meetups in any country based on topics that interest you. Simply add topics that you want Nestor to search for and say `@nestorbot: meetup events` to find all the great events near you. The developers here would be interested to know that the Meetup power uses the brand new Brain API.
  • Campaign Monitor: Control your Campaign Monitor account by adding or removing subscribers, and finding out how your most recent campaign did.
  • Travis CI: With the TravisCI power you can find out the status of your last continuous integration build, and restart or cancel them.
  • Currency Converter: With this nifty little power you can convert from one currency to another and find out what the exchange rate is for a given currency.

There are more powers coming to Nestor — if you would like one to be added, please give us a shout at

You can find the full list of powers at

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