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24 Jun 2010 - Singapore

I gave a quick presentation yesterday at the June installment of the Singapore Ruby Brigade held at HackerspaceSG. As always, SRB is a great place to meet people and catch up with all the great work that’s going on here. Many thanks to Jason for organising the monthly meetups and to Zhenyi for his camerawork yesterday which has brought SRB June online.

It was also great to listen to Ming Yeow and his experiences (both the highs and the lows) while building MrTweet as well as experiencing every layer of the ‘startup stack’ (as he put it) such as product management, fund raising, hiring and networking. For a person who’s been three months into a startup, his talk definitely gave some good pointers as well as validation for the processes we’ve already implemented.

My slides from yesterday are at Slideshare.