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New Home

08 Jul 2009 - Singapore

So, I’ve moved house again. I’ve been meaning to do this ever since I snagged the domain sometime early this year. Tried posterous but using custom domains makes it way too slow, and after contacting them, they said it would be resolved in one of their future releases (but with no definite release date). This site is hosted at GitHub and is powered by Jekyll (for managing markup) and Disqus (for comments).

The hard part of this move was getting the few posts that I had over at Wordpress. Since I had a vanilla Wordpress blog, I needed to export all of the blog’s contents as an XML file and then use an ‘importer’ to convert to Jekyll-ready posts. My untested code is here - please feel free to fork and apply changes. Mojombo’s and Al3x’s blogs were also great starting points for me to dive deep into Jekyll and get me started.

The styling is still very rough around the edges and I know of a few people who might snigger at my pathetic attempts at CSS :) But this is definitely a living, breathing organism and has gotten me excited about blogging again.

So here’s to a new beginning (and hoping it’s not a false dawn).